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U.S. Navy Officer Ranks

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Think you have what it takes to be top dog of the Navy? You’ll need to work your way up through the Navy officer ranks to get to the top.

At the bottom of the list you’ll find a Chief Warrant Officer (W-2) who makes about $3,300 per month when starting out. And all the way at the top you’ll find the Admiral of the Navy who can make almost $20,000 per month in base pay.

As you can see it really pays off to work hard and climb the ladder up the Navy ranks!

Explore all of the Navy officer ranks from highest to lowest:

Pay Grade Insignia Title Abbreviation Total Active Salary
O-11 navy fadm insignia Fleet Admiral FADM N/A Pay Chart
O-10 navy adm insignia Admiral ADM 11 Pay Chart
O-9 navy vadm insignia Vice Admiral VADM 33 Pay Chart
O-8 navy radm insignia Rear Admiral (upper half) RADM 63 Pay Chart
O-7 navy rdml insignia Rear Admiral (lower half) RDML 104 Pay Chart
O-6 navy capt insignia Captain CAPT 3,046 Pay Chart
O-5 navy cdr insignia Commander CDR 6,535 Pay Chart
O-4 navy lcdr insignia Lieutenant Commander LCDR 10,404 Pay Chart
O-3 navy lt insignia Lieutenant LT 18,313 Pay Chart
O-2 navy ltjg insignia Lieutenant Junior Grade LTJG 6,460 Pay Chart
O-1 navy ens insignia Ensign ENS 8,203 Pay Chart
W-5 navy cw5 insignia Chief Warrant Officer CWO5 66 Pay Chart
W-4 navy cw4 insignia Chief Warrant Officer CWO4 395 Pay Chart
W-3 navy cw3 insignia Chief Warrant Officer CWO3 621 Pay Chart
W-2 navy cw2 insignia Chief Warrant Officer CWO2 599 Pay Chart

Active Duty Personnel Stats via DMDC