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U.S. Navy Enlisted Ranks

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How do you make more money as a new recruit of the U.S. Navy? You’ll need to work your way up the Navy enlisted ranks one position at a time.

When you start out in the Navy you’ll enter as a Seaman Recruit (E-1), the lowest rung on the totem pole. New recruits make base pay of about $1,500 per month after enlisting.

After you gain some experience and improve your standing you might find yourself with more seniority and a bigger paycheck. The Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (E-9) makes over $7,500 per month in base pay. Not too bad, right?

Explore all of the Navy enlisted ranks from highest to lowest:

Pay Grade Insignia Title Abbreviation Total Active Salary
E-9 navy mcpon insignia Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy MCPON 2,569 Pay Chart
E-9 navy mcpo insignia Master Chief Petty Officer MCPO 2,569 Pay Chart
E-8 navy scpo insignia Senior Chief Petty Officer SCPO 6,466 Pay Chart
E-7 navy cpo insignia Chief Petty Officer CPO 20,660 Pay Chart
E-6 navy po1 insignia Petty Officer First Class PO1 47,255 Pay Chart
E-5 navy po2 insignia Petty Officer Second Class PO2 63,482 Pay Chart
E-4 navy po3 insignia Petty Officer Third Class PO3 51,290 Pay Chart
E-3 navy sn insignia Seaman SN 55,349 Pay Chart
E-2 navy sa insignia Seaman Apprentice SA 14,650 Pay Chart
E-1 No Insignia Seaman Recruit SR 9,702 Pay Chart


Whether you are looking to move up just one rank in the Navy or all the way to the top, this Navy rank chart will be your roadmap. You will need to meet the requirements to move up one spot at a time. Yes, it may take many years to get where you want to go, but it will be worth it.

Be sure to check out our military pay chart to see how much you could make by working your way up the rankings.

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