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Military Bases in Alaska

alaska military basesAre there any military bases in Alaska? You bet there are!

Alaska is a strategic location for Air Force, Army and Coast Guard operations. There are currently over 19,400 active duty military members stationed in Alaska. In addition, there are over 4,700 Reserve members and 5,000 military civilians serving in Alaska.

Use the list below to find the base you are looking for.

Air Force Bases

There are two Air Force Bases in Alaska: Eielson and Elmendorf. Between these two operations there are over 7,300 Air Force members stationed in Alaska. Not to mention there are over 2,300 military civilians that work on these bases.

List of Air Force Bases in Alaska
Name of Air Force Base Location
Eielson AFB Fairbanks, AK
Elmendorf AFB Anchorage, AK

Army Bases

There are a total of three Army bases in Alaska located in the cities of Anchorage, Fairbanks and Greely. Fort Greely, Fort Richardson and Fort Wainwright are home to over 10,000 Army soldiers, making the Army the largest military presence in Alaska. The Army Guard also has about 1,800 members serving in Alaska.

List of Army Bases in Alaska
Name of Army Base Location
Fort Greely Greely, AK
Fort Richardson Anchorage, AK
Fort Wainwright Fairbanks, AK

Coast Guard Bases

There are a variety of Coast Guard bases in Alaska that are home to over 1,800 service members.

List of Coast Guard Bases in Alaska
Name of Coast Guard Base Location
ISC Kodiak Kodiak Island, AK
Air Station Sitka Sitka, AK
Marine Safety Office, Anchorage Anchorage, AK
USCG Juneau Juneau, AK
Marine Safety Unit Valdez Valdez, AK

As you can see from the list, the Navy does not have a base in Alaska. However, don’t let the Navy’s absence fool you. There is still a very strong military force in Alaska of 19,000 active duty members.

In addition to a strong Army and Air Force presence, there are over 2,000 Air National Guards and 300 Defense Department staff members living in Alaska.