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Kenda Cruiser K671 Motorcycle Tire Review

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kenda cruiser k671 tiresWhy are so many people talking about the Kenda Cruiser K671 motorcycle tire?

Because it performs great and is an inexpensive alternative to other aftermarket tires.

A great handling motorcycle deserves to have a high-quality set of tires underneath it. Not only will it make your bike perform better but it will also look good too.

The K671 tires feature 6-ply construction and are great for cruiser, touring and even sport bikes. These tires are tubeless and easy to install, if you have previous tire mounting experience.

One thing you’ll notice about the Kenda Cruiser tire is that it has a stiff sidewall. This will help you get better performance and handling from your bike when you need it most.

15″ Wheels 16″ Wheels 17″ Wheels 18″+ Wheels
kenda cruiser k671 tires kenda cruiser k671 tires kenda cruiser k671 tires kenda cruiser k671 tires
130/90H-15 100/90H-16F 110/70H-17F 90/90H-18F
170/80H-15 130/90H-16 110/80H-17F 130/70H-18
140/70H-16 130/70H-17 140/70H-18
140/70H-17 100/90H-19F

If you like to ride fast like I do, you should pay close attention to the tread design of these motorcycle tires. The tread was specifically engineered by Kenda with deep offset tread sips. The tread pattern will help you get great traction in wet weather conditions because the tires are designed for superior water dispersion.

Another advantage of these tires is that they have a wide contact patch that help guarantee that you will always have great traction. The wide contact patch helps disperse the weight over the ground and reduce tire wear. Since these tires are DOT approved you can use them on both the street and the race track, if the mood strikes. When you feel the need for speed, you’ll know that these tires will have your back. They are H-rated, meaning they can handle speeds up to 130 miles per hour!

As a fellow motorcycle rider, I want you know understand how important your tire choice is. I’m not just saying that because I love to write about tires on this website.

When your life is dependent on the traction from your tires, you should think long and hard before you buy a discount tire. The Kenda K671 will give you the performance you need without costing you a fortune.

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