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Carlisle Turf Master Tire Reviews

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Carlisle has led the way in the residential lawn care tire market for one reason: they produce high-quality tires at competitive prices. The introduction of Carlisle Turf Master tires to the professional market was a huge relief for those that depend on great tires to complete their landscaping work each day.

If you use large or commercial grade lawn equipment, you’ll need a tire that’s designed for heavy duty work – not just any tire will do. That’s why you need to order from a company like Carlisle that knows tires better than anyone else.

6″ Wheels 8″ Wheels 10″ Wheels 12″ Wheels
carlisle turf master lawn mower tires carlisle turf master lawn mower tires carlisle turf master lawn mower tires carlisle turf master lawn mower tires
13×6.50-6 15×6.50-8 20×8-10 22X9.50-12
15×6-6 16×6.50-8 20×10-10 23X8.50-12
16×7.50-8 20X12-10 23X10.50-12
18×6.50-8 22X11-10 24X9.50-12
18×8.50-8 24X12-12

carlisle turf master lawn mower tiresThese are commercial grade tires that will stand up to some of the toughest conditions you can throw at them. They are built with durable tread compound that will last a long time. For anyone that is looking for great traction without tearing up the grass, the Turf Master tires have a deep tread pattern that is optimized for both stability and traction.

But, what if you don’t use commercial equipment? The good news is that you can order these for your residential lawn equipment and get the same results the pros do. If you take your lawn care seriously, you’ll know that you can’t risk tearing up your grass with a discount tire.

One thing I know from experience is that a high-quality tire will pay for itself many times over. So, do yourself a favor and go with a brand that will deliver exactly what it promises: Tires that work (and play) as hard as you do.