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The Best Beard Wax

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You’ve taken great care to grow your beard out, now how do you tame it? Beard wax is like a hair gel for your beard. It allows you to tame your beard and subdue unruly strands of hair.

With beard wax, you can style your beard and be confident it will stay that way throughout the entire day. So, what’s the best beard wax for most men?

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Honest Amish Original Beard Wax

honest amish original beard wax review

The Honest Amish Original Beard Wax (check price) is all natural and organic. This gives you the comfort that your skin and hair are not being doused by harmful chemicals that are absorbed into your skin. The wax styles, conditions, and protects for triple the benefit.

The Original Beard Wax is one of Honest Amish’s oldest recipes. The ingredients, beeswax, and organic oils/butters are harvested locally and help provide a healthy shine and conditioner for your skin.

The scent of the Original Beard Wax features a light masculine scent. The wax is packaged into a recyclable 2-ounce tin that is fully biodegradable, not like plastic.

For the application, simply scope out some wax, about the size of a pea, and coat your hands. Then work your hands and the wax through your beard, starting on the underside and working around the outside to give your beard shape and help keep the hair out of your mouth. The trick is to start with a little wax, and then add more as needed.

The Honest Amish brand provides several types of beard waxes in addition to their Original. These include the Extra Grit Beard wax and the Slick beard wax.

The Extra Grit Beard Wax (check price) offers more hold to help control and relieve frizz while the Slick beard wax offers the lightest amount of hold and more shine.

Benefits of Using Beard Wax

In addition to growing out your beard, washing it, and conditioning, the styling may present a challenge. The hairs of your beard are rough and unruly and may have a mind of their own. Beard wax is the solution.

Beard wax is similar to a mustache wax, though softer in consistency and offering less hold. Mustache wax provides a much stronger hold; this is what was used back in the day to create those handlebar mustaches. The softer consistency of beard wax makes it easy to style your beard for your everyday look.

The ingredients are all natural, and the amount of hold beard wax provides enough to tame your hair.

It is a finishing product used to help you maintain the shape of your beard and will not allow you to create a freestyle design with your beard.