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AR 670-1: Chapter 20-15: Military Police Accessories

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a. Type. The MP accessories are organizational issue items.

b. Description.

  • (1) Badge, MP.
  • (2) Belt, black, load bearing, approximately 2 to 3 inches wide, with buckle.
  • (3) Brassard, MP, or Criminal Investigation Division (CID), subdued, foliage green with black letters.
  • (4) Carrier, club, or baton.
  • (5) Case, ammunition magazine, black.
  • (6) Case, first aid, black.
  • (7) Case, handcuffs, black.
  • (8) Case, oleoresin capsicum (OC)/pepper spray, black.
  • (9) Club, policeman’s with leather thong.
  • (10) Baton, metal, collapsible, black (or other locally prescribed baton tool).
  • (11) Gloves, white cotton.
  • (12) Flashlight.
  • (13) Carrier, ring, flashlight.
  • (14) Handcuffs, ratchet type, double lock (two-link maximum).
  • (15) Helmet liner, MP (ceremonial only).
  • (16) Holster, pistol, black.
  • (17) Holster, Taser/stun gun, black.
  • (18) Lanyard, olive-drab, black or white
  • (19) Whistle, patrolman, brass, black or olive-drab.
  • (20) Equipment, safety, as locally prescribed (for example, reflectorized vest or inclement weather).
  • (21) ACU patterned equipment is authorized for wear inside an Army corrections facility.

c. How worn. The articles listed in paragraph b, above, are authorized, but not mandated for wear with the Class A, Class B, and utility uniforms by MP personnel while performing official MP law enforcement or corrections duties.
The articles may also be worn for ceremonial purposes as authorized by the provost marshal or commander. See figures 20–10 and 20–11 for examples.