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AR 670-1: Chapter 20-19: Overcoat, ceremonial, blue

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a. Type. The ceremonial blue overcoat is an optional purchase item authorized for male or female One to Three Star GOs and Four Star GO, their aides-de-camp, their CSM, and their enlisted aides are authorized to wear the CBO with the white scarf.

(1) Upon reassignment, the Four Star General Officer and their CSM/SGM will retain the overcoat. The CBO will be turned in upon expiration term of service.

(2) The Four Star aide de camp and the enlisted aides must turn their CBO in the central issuing facility upon reassignment.

b. Description.

c. How worn. The CBO with the white scarf is worn on formal ceremonial occasions. The CBO is appropriate for wear when cold-weather conditions would reasonably preclude the wear of the Army Service Uniform coat alone. It is
recognized that certain ceremonies, which may take place during periods of cold-weather, demand a level of formality and solemnity that cannot be achieved by wearing the standard black all-weather coat. Shoulder straps (shoulder boards with ranks) will be worn on all the CBO for GOs. The ASU coat will not be worn under the CBO. The CBO will have rear pleats and should be worn with the white scarf.