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AR 670-1: 3–5. Wear of Army uniform at national, regional, and local events

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Note: This paragraph is punitive with regard to Soldiers. Violation by Soldiers may result in adverse administrative action and/or charges under the provisions of the UCMJ.

a. When Army participation in a public event has been approved in accordance with AR 360–1, commanders are responsible for determining the appropriate uniform for the event. Generally, protocol standards dictate standards of dress. For instance, when an invitation calls for business attire, the appropriate Army uniform is the service or dress uniform. However, in some instances, the Class C uniform may be appropriate. Commanders should make use of their protocol or other appropriate supporting staff for a decision regarding the appropriate uniform.

b. Commanders should use their discretion and consider the following when determining the appropriate uniform for the event:

  1. The nature and location of the event (for example, on or off-post).
  2. Whether the event is open to the public or not.
  3. The solemnity of the event.
  4. Who is being recognized at or by the event (is the event recognizing current Soldiers or veterans).
  5. Who is hosting the event.
  6. Who is attending the event.
  7. Whether the media will be present.

c. When attire is listed as “duty uniform,” the activities undertaken drive the appropriate uniform. “Duty uniform” does not necessarily indicate Class C uniform wear. When “duty” is listed as the uniform for an event, commanders need to exercise good judgment for participants and attendees.

d. If an event recognizes the service and sacrifice of Soldiers for named operations, then the Army combat uniform may be appropriate. If the event recognizes the shared sacrifice of our veterans on Veteran’s Day, then the service uniform is appropriate. In all cases, the Army is on display. Commanders are expected to recognize the difference and prescribe a uniform appropriate for an event.

e. When commanders are in doubt regarding the appropriate uniform, they should seek guidance from their higher headquarters and/or the appropriate public affairs or protocol office.